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Soto Raíces Ohel M.D. |
Rivera Rivera Delmara PSY D.

mental and emotional balance you need

Dr. Ohel Soto Raíces and Dr. Delmara Rivera Rivera offer the best psychiatry services for children, adolescents, adults and clinical psychology.

(787) 590-8284

Soto-Raíces Ohel

Psychiatrist Children, Adolescents and Adults

Rivera Rivera Delmara

Clinical Psychologist


Improve the mental health of young people and their families to help them achieve their goals,
working directly with the situations that affect their daily performance.


Provide an integrated treatment of psychiatry and psychology using therapies based on
scientific evidence, focused on the well-being of the patient and their families, offering
recommendations based on evaluating their profile within a framework of respect and

No medical insurances are accepted. We accept payments with all major credit cards, debit
cards, cash, and PayPal.

Due to the rise in infections of COVID-19 and its variants, most appointments are in virtual

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By: Delmara Rivera Rivera

By: Ohel Soto Raíces

By: Delmara Rivera Rivera & Ohel Soto Raíces